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Gentle pushes

Her fingers brush against her partner's shoulders, then her breasts, causing her to shudder. Her partner doesn't like to be tickled, so instead of fingers, she continues her exploration with soft kisses.

Their lovemaking was deeply satisfying but she likes to keep her lover close even after - or maybe it is she who likes it. With a psychic as powerful as her, it's hard to tell the difference, especially in those lazy moments when both their minds are relaxed and opened.

She follows the curve of a breast to back to her shoulder, then reaches her neck, where she suddenly decides to pinch the skin between her teeth, too delicately for it to be a bite. She doesn’t know if it’s her idea, or if her lover just felt like it.

It's terrifying – and thrilling at the same time. She's a foolish like that. Those not-quite-requests are sent directly in her mind with an ease she knows is perfectly natural for her lover. Yet, she likes to think that, if she didn't want to do something, she would feel the push, she would know the difference.

But, in fact, she can't; it's the whole point.

She loves her anyway.


Pour Flo Nelja.

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