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The little god of the house

The little god of the house looks at his humans, sees them laughing, and feels content. Then they spot him and one of them soon starts honoring him while the other goes to fetch an offering for him. Overall, they’re good humans and serve him well. Of course, so they should; he is after all the little god of the house. Still, their praises and care feels good.

Not that he has many powers. He can’t bring them luck, nor protect them. But he trusts his simple presence among them is enough, for their smiles are brighter when they see him, and he can console their sadness like no one else. He is their confident, as they know he won’t repeat any of their confessions. When they feel down, he makes sure to give them some warmth or to distract them with a game. Humans sure need exercise.

They settle his offering in a bowl, but he decides to disregard it for the moment and instead goes make himself comfortable on his favorite human lap. As they pet him, he starts to purr.


My cat is definitively the little god of my house, or thinks so XD

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